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Rejuvenate her vagina! If the expression may surprise, the practice is increasingly in demand. Vaginoplasty or "vagina lift" is a cosmetic surgery operation intended to narrow the vaginal opening and strengthen the perineum muscles. This surgical tightening of the vagina is to be distinguished from nymphoplasty (or labiaplasty). This other intimate surgery operation aims to shrink the labia minora of the vulva, and has an essentially aesthetic objective.


What Is the Perineum? 

It is a set of muscles in the shape of a hammock, stretched between the pubic bone and the coccyx. It supports the organs of the pelvis (bladder, uterus and rectum) when standing or sitting, but also when coughing or sneezing, for example.


The Perineum Increases Sexual Pleasure

«During orgasm, the rhythmic contractions of the perineum are at the origin of pleasure. And the more contractions, the better the orgasmic quality”. «It tightens the wall of the vagina around the penis, which increases pleasure.»

Its tone and contractions can also increase sensations in the partner during penetration.


Good Perineum Prevents the Risk of Urinary Leakage

The sphincters of the anus and the bladder being are inserted into the muscles of the perineum, a good perineum plays a significant role against incontinence (urinary and anal), thanks to what is called perineal locking. During an effort, especially during sport, coughing or sneezing, if he is sufficiently toned and trained, he will very quickly be reactive and solid, to prevent the leakage of urine.

“It keeps the urinary tract closed, and therefore, if it is weakened, you can no longer hold your urine.” At first, it will be a small drop that leaks when laughing or sneezing, carrying a load or making love. «If left unchecked, it can lead to frank incontinence, especially with age.» Well maintained, the perineum also prevents gas and stool leaks.


How Do You Know If Your Perineum Is Relaxed or Well-muscled?

The absence of disorders (urinary leaks, difficulty retaining gas, sexual disorders, etc.) is already a good sign. You can also do a self-test, in the shower for example, by inserting a finger into your vagina or anus and then contracting your perineum: «If you feel that the finger is both squeezed and sucked upwards, you can estimate that the perineum is fine.» The alternative: put your finger between the anus and the genitals: You must feel that when you contract the perineum, this area goes up.»

You can also do the “stop-pee” test: when you go to the toilet, at the start of urination, try to block the stream of urine for 2 to 3 seconds. «If you get there, it means everything is fine. If you can't, it doesn't necessarily mean that your perineum is damaged, but it's better to have it checked by your gynecologist.»


What Weakens the Perineum?

  • Childbirth: the perineum must relax and relax to let the baby pass. And if it's too toned, pushing can cause a tear (hence the episiotomy performed to avoid this).

  • Constipation: it forces you to push more when you go to the toilet. Certain sports which exert strong pressure on the perineum: sports with repeated impacts (jogging, trampoline, basketball, tennis, zumba... to be practiced in moderation), or which crush it, such as abs crunches.

  • Chronic cough

  • Overweight

  • Carrying heavy loads


Why Is a Vagina Lift Performed?

Vaginal delivery is a major trauma for the perineal region, especially when there are tears during delivery. Repaired or not, these tears will leave serious consequences. A change in sensation during intercourse is the consequence of this trauma.

  • Avoid urinary incontinence problems or organ descent (prolapse). With age (menopause) or following repeated pregnancies, the vagina may be too enlarged and the perineum (muscle assembly that supports the genitals in particular) weakened. This vaginal relaxation promotes this type of concern such as urinary leakage or prolapse.

  • (Re)find more sensations during sexual intercourse: a genital orifice that is too large can also lead to a lack of sensations during sexual intercourse. Shrinking it allows the woman to better feel the sex of her partner.


How Is This Surgery Going?

The surgery most often takes place under regional anesthesia with conscious sedation and usually lasts two hours. The surgeon makes an incision at the entrance to the vagina, allowing the dissection of the perineum muscles . The perineal muscles are sutured together and then a vaginal mucosal lift is performed. A fat grafting (reinjection of fat) ends up remodeling the right and left lateral vaginal walls.


Rehabilitation of Repaired Muscles

How to do the Kegel exercise, the reference to strengthen your perineum?

  • You lie on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the ground. Contract the perineum as if holding in an urge to pee and gas, squeezing the vagina and anus, and breathing freely. It is not necessary to squeeze very hard but above all to make the gesture correctly.

  • Help yourself with an image: imagine an elevator that you would like to raise from the vagina to the navel, as you contract. To relax the perineum, act as if you wanted to lower the elevator floor by floor, without releasing everything at once.

  • Vary the duration of perineal contractions. Alternate fast contractions and longer contractions. "It's important to stimulate the different muscle fibers of the perineum, fast and slow", explains Sandrine Galliac Alanbari. Squeeze and release the perineum quickly, for 2 seconds, 3 times in a row. Release for 6 seconds and repeat. 3 to 4 repetitions. Then try to contract the perineum for 6 seconds, with a rest of 12 seconds, to repeat ten times. As you progress, the contraction may last longer, always with a rest time that is double the work time between each set.

"The goal may be to be able to hold out for 12 seconds, but it's normal to hold out much less at the start".

“To be sure to perform the right gesture, you must not contract the glutes, the abdominals or the muscles of the inner thighs at the same time. Only the perineum contracts, everything else is relaxed,”



What Are the Objects worth to Tone the Perineum at Home?

Geisha balls and vaginal cones

Geisha balls and vaginal cones are inserted into the vagina before going about their business to help the perineum contract.

«Interesting in prevention and maintenance but not suitable for perineums that are too weak, because the objects will not hold. Lighter, the cones allow a more progressive work.»

The models: a kit with different models makes it possible to increase the weight over the weeks.


Connected Probes

Connected to a smartphone, they allow the contractions to be viewed on the screen. This is the principle of biofeedback ("action in return"), a technique often used in rehabilitation which teaches the patient to control the functions of his body.

«Interesting for those who have to do a long rehabilitation at home after giving birth, in case of incontinence... but nothing prevents them from being used for prevention.»


Electrostimulation Devices

The probe is connected to an electrical impulse transmitter box to stimulate the muscles of the perineum.

«Over-the-counter electro stimulation probes deliver too little current to actually strengthen the perineum.»

*Some links exist only in French.

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