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Dr. Michel Alain Danino M.D., PHD


Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure dedicated to the reconstruction of the hymen. This delicate intervention is offered to patients who wish to respect traditions that require that women be virgins at the time of marriage. Hymenoplasty is also used as a psychological support for women who were victims of rape. The surgery is performed under local anesthetic and lasts about 30 minutes.

Preoperative Tips

  • Respect the advice of your surgeon regarding medication, allergies and tobacco use.
  • Use a disinfectant soap to wash, avoid wearing tight clothing and jewellery on the day of the operation.

Postoperative Tips

After the operation, you can return home the same day and you can return to work the day after. You may engage in sexual activity a few days after the surgery. However, please note that healing is complete after 1 month. Make sure to clean the region regularly and thoroughly. The use of alcohol and tobacco, the use of tampons, and the use of the sauna or the pool are to be avoided. 


It is possible that there will be no loss of blood at the time the hymen is torn. However, your partner will notice resistance during sexual activity.

Possible Complications

Risks of bleeding or infection can arise. It is also possible to notice reduced sensitivity or the obstruction of blood vessels in the area. Finally, in more serious cases, it is possible to notice necrosis.


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