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Dr. Michel Alain Danino M.D., PHD


Dr. Danino is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. Having completed his residency in plastic surgery in Paris, he pursued an academic career in France, becoming the youngest appointed Professor of Plastic Surgery in France.

After fulfilling his military service at the Hôpital Principal in Dakar, from which he emerged Reserve Captain of the French Armed Forces Medical Service, Dr. Michel Alain Danino pursued a 14-month post-doctoral training course at the University of Chiba and the University of Tokyo, in Japan. He speaks fluent Japanese.

Dr. Michel Alain Danino Arrives in Canada in 2007

Considering his involvement in some of the foremost breakthroughs in plastic surgery in the world, including the second face transplant, his many publications and communications, his experience, and his very great consideration for the welfare and humanity of his patients, Dr. Danino was a top choice when hired by the Université de Montréal. His talent and experience are now available to you at his private clinic.

Dr Alain Danino


Les bricoleurs du dimanche maintenant plus nombreux que les travailleurs à se blesser avec un outil
Le Journal de Montréal, 31 juillet 2014 (in French only)

Un espoir pour la paralysie
Le Journal de Montréal, 25 mai 2010 (in French only)

L'espoir dans une main
La Presse, 1er février 2012 (in French only)

Bientôt des greffes de visage à Montréal

La Presse, 7 mai 2009 (in French only)

Repousser les limites de l’apprentissage de la microchirurgie

Université de Montréal, udemnouvelles, 17 février 2017 (in French only)

Un orteil greffé à la place de son index

TVA Nouvelles, 24 mars 2017 (in French only)

Égalisation des deux seins post cancer, reconstruction du mamelon et de l’aréole

Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM), 28 décembre 2016, vidéo YouTube (in French only)

Augmentation pénienne

Sexplora, 14 décembre 2017, vidéo YouTube (in French only)

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