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Upper Lip Lift

The skin between the nose and the upper lip of the mouth called the “white lip” can sag over time. The aesthetic appearance of the lips can bother you because the red lip thins and moves towards the inside of the mouth.

It can also hide your teeth when you smile.

During an upper lip lift, vertical wrinkles on the skin between the nose and mouth are reduced. Smokers are more likely to have deep vertical wrinkles, which can be filled during the upper lip lift with injections of your own fat (lipofilling).


The upper lip lift is a short and very effective outpatient surgery that lasts approximately 1.5 hours. It consists of reducing the space between the columella (bottom of the nose) and the upper lip, by removing a strip of skin flush with the nostrils. The scar is very discreet, it is located flush with the nose up to the edge of the nostrils.


Upper lip lift surgery can be combined with other surgeries such as a face lift, lip lipofilling or rhinoplasty.

Candidates for an upper lip lift must be in good general health.

Candidates may undergo an upper lip lift for several reasons such as:

  • A more permanent and lasting result than hyaluronic acid injections which are absorbable and which do not reduce the space between the nose and mouth.

  • Upper lip appearance too thin, inverted and drooping.

  • The teeth are hidden by a too sagging (long) upper lip.

  • Unbalanced appearance between the upper lip and the lower lip

  • An upper lip that is naturally too thin or flat, almost invisible, which hyaluronic acid filler will not correct.

Central Upper Lip Lift

This central upper lip lift technique shortens the central part of the upper lip. The red lip is inverted and therefore higher, it appears thicker and therefore less thin.

The scar is imperceptible and hidden around the nostrils.

Lifting the Corners of the Mouth

This technique involves raising the corners of the upper lip, also called corners of the lips. This intervention allows the drooping corners to be raised. The scars are small but more noticeable than the central upper lip lift.

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