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Dr. Michel Alain Danino M.D., PHD


Similarly to the labia minor, the labia major can cause awkwardness during physical or sexual activity if they are disproportionally large or cumbersome. Our labioplasty solutions offered in Montreal adjust the size of the labia major for practical and aesthetic purposes. The surgery can also be performed to enlarge the labia major. Labioplasty is performed under local anesthetic and normally lasts approximately 45 minutes.

Preoperative Tips

  • Respect the advice of your surgeon regarding medication, allergies and tobacco use.

  • Use disinfectant soap to wash, avoid wearing tight clothes or jewellery on the day of the surgery.

Postoperative Tips

After the surgery, you should stay home for about 10 days in order to ensure healthy healing. In some cases, patients must stay overnight at the hospital after the operation. 


You will have to wait 1 month before engaging in any sexual activity or strenuous physical effort.

Possible Complications

Risks of leaking or bleeding can arise. Risks of infection are also possible.

Preoperative advice

  • Follow your surgeon's directions regarding medications, allergies, and smoking

  • Use disinfectant soap to wash yourself, avoid wearing tight clothes and jewelry on the day of the operation

During the labioplasty operation

The objective of labioplasty is to reduce the size of the labial tissues. This operation is done quickly and easily under local anesthesia to ensure optimal comfort during the procedure. Excess skin is gently trimmed and remaining tissue is reshaped for better symmetry and a more attractive appearance. The remaining tissues are fixed with absorbable stitches, and in less than an hour the procedure will be completed. Then you will receive instructions to follow to ensure a safe and trouble-free recovery. Sexual activity can be resumed after about four to six weeks.

Postoperative advice

Following the operation, you will need to stay at home for about ten days to ensure a healthy convalescence. In some cases, patients must stay in the hospital the night after the procedure.


It will be necessary to wait 1 month before being able to practice any sexual activity and any physical effort.

Possible complications

Risk of discharge and bleeding may occur. Risks of infection are also possible.


For any additional questions regarding labioplasty in Montreal, contact Dr Michel Alain Danino.


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