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This surgery was made possible by years of research on the suspensory ligament of the penis. For years it was considered that this ligament was unique and that it constituted the only point stabilizing the erect penis. Our research has established that this ligament was in fact a ligament system with 4 elements, the most anterior of which were not stabilizing but allowed the penis to be lengthened significantly.

During this surgery Dr. Danino releases the ligaments that attach to the base of the shaft. This allows the shaft to come forward and provide length. To keep this forward direction, fat will be removed from the abdomen, purified, and then injected into the shaft. Patients see an enhancement in both length and girth! The consultation for penis surgery always begins with an identification of the problem: is it a problem in sexual life or in social life with the locker room syndrome. Then a detailed clinical examination of the penis is done with measurements, standardized photographs. We then explain the principle and technique of this surgery. We also give the instructions to follow for the operational follow-up, in particular the absence of intercourse for 6 weeks, the prohibition of baths in the spa pool or bathtub for 4 weeks. Local care is explained. We present the pros and cons including all the complications identified. The patient leaves the office with an information sheet explaining the technique, its risks, its benefits and an estimate for the price of the operation. After a necessary period of reflection, a new consultation is possible if the patient wishes, he can contact us to go ahead and schedule the operation. The follow-up is provided by our team, you will be in constant contact with a member of the team. A post-operative consultation is planned at 1 week then at 6 weeks then at 4 months. Surgery time: 2 hours Recovery time: 2 months Final result: 6 months Return to work: Within 7 days

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